A Rare Investment Opportunity on the Island of Crab Cay

The private island of Crab Cay in Great Exuma, Bahamas, is being developed. CN Luxury Resorts has partnered with Pete Murphy of Murphy International, the owner of Crab Cay, to create an exclusive destination resort property. The development will be a limited access community with 24 hour security consisting of 354 residences. The island will host a world class hotel and marina, fine restaurants, a destination spa, sports and fitness facilities, shopping, water sports and much more. Phase II is being planned on the mainland of Great Exuma and will be designed to include a golf course. A dedicated staff will be carefully chosen to provide Crab Cay residents and guests with the highest level of service. The ultimate goal will be to establish Crab as the preeminent island destination in the entire Caribbean. CN Luxury Resorts is seeking a rarefied group of investors to become the founding members of the exclusive Crab Cay Resort and share in the extraordinary benefits of bringing this venture to fruition.

Why Invest in the Bahamas?

Very high real estate valuations and very low property taxes make The Bahamas one of the best places in the world to invest in real estate. For citizens of Canada, who are able to acquire permanent residency status in The Bahamas, they can receive an income tax exemption from the Canadian government. The Bahamas has one of the most stable governments in the Caribbean and although the islands have self rule, they continue to remain part of the British Commonwealth. The Bahamian government offers substantial tax exemptions to investors developing resort properties in The Bahamas. These are just a few of the reasons that make investing in The Bahamas extremely attractive.

Why Invest in Great Exuma?

Great Exuma is one of the most desirable regions of The Bahamas. Located on the Tropic of Cancer, Great Exuma has great weather year round; the average temperature in the months of October through March is 72 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average temperature during the months of April through September is a cool 82 degrees. With an estimated population of just over 8,000, of which approximately 2,500 are indigenous, Great Exuma has very little crime and almost no violent crime. The culture is easy-going and the people are very friendly and hospitable toward international visitors, especially Americans. Great Exuma is known for having some of the clearest water in the world, due to the pervasive coral reefs in the area, making it ideal for all forms of water sporting.

Why Invest in Crab Cay?

Located in Elizabeth Harbour, just off the coast of Great Exuma, Crab Cay is considered by many people in The Bahamas to be the "Crown Jewel" of developable real estate in the Caribbean. Crab Cay has natural characteristics which make it unique from other islands. First, Crab Cay is protected by several barrier islands which help insulate it from Atlantic storms. Second, Crab Cay's adjacence to deep ocean water makes the island impervious to the tidal surge of a hurricane. A direct hit by a category 5 hurricane will produce a tidal surge of only 4 feet on the island of Crab Cay, contrasted with hurricane Katrina, a category 4 storm in 2007, which resulted in a tidal surge as high as 42 feet on the United States mainland. Next, Crab Cay's unique geographical configuration will allow almost every homesite to have water frontage. Finally, Crab Cay offers the seclusion of a private island but is located only 10 minutes from the Georgetown International Airport and is easily accessible by motor vehicle via a recently constructed arched stone bridge. All this and more make the island of Crab Cay perfectly suited for a prestigious resort development which will offer luxurious tropical living.